Our Farmers

Our farmers are everything to us. For decades, Chris’s mantra has been “no farm, no food.” We believe we all should know—and care—where our food comes from: who is raising our animals, who is growing our produce, and the standards they use.

Our Beef

Our Beef

We source our beef from 44 Farms in Cameron, Texas and our American Wagyu from Snake River Farms in Boise, Idaho.

44 Farms was started in 1909 as a farming ranch and has evolved into a working cattle ranch. They are the largest Angus cattle producer in Texas, and their beef is truly natural—there are never any hormones or antibiotics.

We’ve worked with 44 Farms since Underbelly opened in 2012. We use them because of the quality of the cattle and the care they give their cows. Because of the way they raise their cows, the quality of the beef is second to none.

Snake River Farms has been a producer of American Wagyu since the late 1980s. We have worked with Snake River Farms since the opening of Georgia James. Their dedication to quality comes from their ability to control the supply chain. From feed yards to processing plant, it’s all owned and managed by Snake River Farms.

Dry Aging

Our in-house dry aging program an integral part of what we do.

Dry aging beef is the process of hanging meat in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment. All sides of each cut of beef are exposed to allow for proper airflow over the entire cut. Storing beef this way allows for moisture to evaporate from the muscle and promotes mold growth (good mold, similar to bleu cheese).

Dry aging concentrates the flavor and tendorizes the meat. A nicely marbled cut benefits most from this process, which is why we dry age the entire bone-in ribeye rack from 44 Farms.

“Since we control this aging in our own dry age room at the restaurant,” said executive chef Greg Peters, “we have created an environment unique to Georgia James and therefore, a steak that can only be found in our dining room.

Dry Aging
Local Produce

Local Produce

Our sides are seasonal, allowing us to showcase the best produce from our local farms.

We have a long relationship with Atkinson Farms, and they continue to be our largest supplier of local produce. We also love Goodthyme Farm—their head farmer Jack Jones is a former Underbelly cook, so he understands exactly what we need.

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